Enhanced Security In The Global Wi-Fi Service

A new layer of security has been added to the iPass Global Wi-Fi service. The Last Mile VPN feature provides enhanced security where the end user is most vulnerable: between the user and iPass’ secure Internet gateway.

More than ever, mobile professionals are turning to Global Wi-Fi to perform crucial business tasks. Those include accessing video conferencing services, collaboration software and cloud-based applications.

But since you use Wi-Fi to access sensitive company information, that Wi-Fi connection has to be absolutely secure. Although it might be available at your favorite coffee shop, free Wi-Fi is anything but free. Unsecured, free Wi-Fi connections are the key points of entry for man-in-the-middle attacks, packet sniffing, identity spoofing, and other security risks and privacy erosions.

There are steps you can take to reduce the risks when using free Wi-Fi, for example using a corporate VPNs (Virtual Private Network).

But not all businesses have corporate VPNs, and not all mobile users choose to deploy the corporate VPNs they do have, especially if those solutions are not seamless. Moreover, many enterprises have implemented “split-tunnel” VPNs that only protect data between the user and the enterprise, leaving traffic for outside destinations unencrypted.

Read more about how the Global Wi-Fi Service delivers not only global connectivity but also enhanced security for mobile professionals on the road.

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