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Enhanced Security In The Global Wi-Fi Service

A new layer of security has been added to the iPass Global Wi-Fi service. The Last Mile VPN feature provides enhanced security where the end user is most vulnerable: between the user and iPass’ secure Internet gateway. More than ever, mobile professionals are turning to Global Wi-Fi to perform crucial business tasks. Those include accessing […]

Upgrade Your iPass Global Wi-Fi Software

New versions of the iPass Global Wi-Fi SmartConnect™ client are now available. These new versions offer enhancements for app robustness and troubleshooting. We recommend upgrading to the new versions as soon as possible. Please contact Flexinets Support with questions regarding upgrading. Or use the chat bar in the corner. We are happy to help! Flexinets

iPass Global Wi-Fi Coverage Extended With 10K Commercial Venues Across U.K

iPass today announced a partnership with XLN, a leading provider of broadband connectivity for small businesses in the UK. The agreement will provide iPass Global Wi-Fi customers with Wi-Fi access at an additional 10,000 commercial venues across the UK, including cafés, pubs and restaurants. Furthermore, this additional footprint is using the latest Wi-Fi technology (802.1x), […]

New Versions Of The iPass SmartConnect™ Client Are Now Available

New versions of the iPass Global Wi-Fi SmartConnect™ client are now available. These new versions are the culmination of our End-to-End Quality Initiative, conducted over many months to improve responsiveness and reliability, as well as support 802.1x networks for better security. iPass also made improvements to the network curation technology to grow the network faster […]

Big New Update To Wandera Mobile App

So whats new? Aside from a slick new visual interface, there’s actually a lot more going on than meets the eye. The first thing you’ll notice is a striking use of colour, which follows a traffic light style system to intuitively guide the user’s behaviour based on the status of the device. If you are greeted […]

Flexinets Privacy Policy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May 2018. The GDPR affects the way your personal data can be collected and used by Flexinets and its vendors and strengthens your privacy rights. We take our clients and prospects privacy very seriously at Flexinets and keeping your personal information safe […]